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Conditions of Use

Inhalt drucken

Setup costs for imprint/embroidery or engraving

pad print

EUR 49,-- new printing plate, machine setup, etc.
EUR 29,-- for re-orders, if printing plates could be used again.

screen print

EUR 49,-- new printing plate, machine setup, etc.
EUR 29,-- for re-orders, if printing plates could be used again.


the price for embroidery programs costs on average between EUR 40,-- up to
EUR 90,-- per logo. But it also could be more or less. The exact price could only be told you, if you send us your logo to calculate, because it depends on logosize, colors, etc.
EUR 29,-- machine setup (for each logo)


EUR 29,-- for monogram letters
EUR 65,-- for create an engraving-artwork of a special logo

Laser engraving

EUR 59,-- setup costs for fonts and logos

Sample costs

original imprint sample: EUR 29,-- + common printing plate costs
embroidery original sample: EUR 39,-- + common setup costs
Original samples for special productions depend on the product and complexity EUR 100,-- up to EUR 500,--.
We charge EUR 55,--/hour for graphic work.

Terms of payment and delivery

Area of application:

For all orders and business activities with B&W Werbeartikel. Excluding special conditions or changings which have been confirmed in a written document.

Also oral spoken agreements directly or per phone are not valid before they have been confirmed in a written document.

With an order, the client automatically agrees and confirms our in this document mentioned terms.


Quotations we issue, are always without obligation. Except we mention a valid time period, then our terms within the time period are obligatory. In that case, an order only get valid, if we send you an order confirmation in written documentary.


Orders, oral spoken or in written documentary per e-mail or fax-machine or direct orders in the way of our sales administratives only get valid, if we send you our order confirmation.

delivery times:

For delivery times if they have been confirmed by our bookkeeping department, in particular for goods of third countries and special productions, we could not be hold responsilbe, if we provide information and prove, that the delay caused by manufacturers or forwarders. We could also not be hold responsible for act of nature or environmental desaster if we could prove.


All deliveries have standard condition: ex works Klagenfurt with invoice and in responsibility of the byer in addition of packing material and official ARA fee, if we haven't mentioned other terms in the order confirmation.

Special damages or resignation of the contract, because we haven't deliverd in time are impossible. Part-deliveries are possible. We decide to send part deliveries and they have also to be accepted and to be balanced. In case of delivery out of time and if the buyer doesn't agree, an avoidance of the contract is only possible, if the delayed delivery lasts longer than 5 weeks and after the setting a deadline of further 5 weeks.

variance of delivery quantities and quality:

Because of technical manufacturing reasons, the ordered quantity could differ +/- 10%  (it depends on the article and production method - the difference could also be smaller or higher as mentioned). In particular also for special productions. If there are little differences (color, material, size, mould, etc), it has to be accepted by the buyer and could not be claimed.


supplied goods:

If goods are supplied by clients for imprint or embroidery and after the job(s) we get an accepted claim, we only guarantee for our output producing. We do not guarantee in any way for the value of the supplied goods. the costs of delivery and shipment of such goods have to be charged by the client. Work for wrapping and unwrapping goods, will be charged to clients account.



We offer prices in EURO per piece. excluding value added tax of 20%.

Prices and descriptions/details in our catalogues, online-shops, advertisings, e-mails etc. are always subject to writing and typing errors, recently trends and wholesaler price adaption or commodity prices- and currency variability.



Basically our invoices are issued net without discount, payable with the date of arrival, except we accepted other payment conditions and/or we definitely confirmed other conditions in our order confirmation. Further, we are  albe to ask you for a deposit or 100% payment of the goods before shipment. If the client does not accept this payment conditions, we are allowed to cancel the order imediately without any further commitments. If there raised any costs until that case happens, we are authorized to bill the buyer all costs.

The buyer is not able to pay part sums of an invoice or keep sums unpaied, if there are any guarantee claims. Sums only can be kept back, if we agreed before, if at all.

If there is a payment delay, we are able to charge for dunning letter charges and delay interests with the actual interest rate +5% charges.

If we do not get the payment after several dunning letters, we are able to instruct our lawyers to bring in the buyers dept. All costs and charges or court costs which will appear, have also to be payed by the buyer.


reservation of proprietary rights

The property of the goods lasts as long, as all goods have been payed 100%. Any forwarding of our goods or invoices to 3rd parties for onward pledging is not allowed except we tell you our explicit acceptance in written form. If the buyer violates our conditions, payment rules or properties, we are able to pick up all goods for safekeeping them. All costs for those operations will also be billed to the buyer.


place of fulfillment and jurisdiction

Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction for both contract parties (buyer and supplier) is Klagenfurt exclusively. Only Austiran trading law valid!



Claims have to be assert in written form 3 working days after receipt of the goods at the latest. Claims that arrive later, cannot be accepted. If it is obvious, that the goods have been treated inproperly, any guarantee by us our our manufacturers/distributors is impossible. Further, we don't accept claims if there appear little differences in color, size, form or mould. In particular if we did a special production for the buyer. We also don't accept objections according branding. If we accept a claim, we can choose, if we reproduce the goods, or if we replace parts of the goods or all goods or if we improve all scarcities or we also could offer the buyer a discount. In no way we are responsible for subsequent damages on buyers side - incorrect deliveries or following claims because of those deliveries.


Sample and trademark protection and further industrial property rights

If we get drawings or original samples from buyers side for a reproduction and duplicating that item, we explicitely are not responsible for eventually sample or patented problems and special damges. In that case, all claimes have to be addressed at the expense of the buyer.


Product liability

All claims addressed to our company are impossible, no matter of which cause in law it has been appeared. Included in that regulation are all appointments of the Austrian product liability law for persons, material damages and financial damage, that have been raised by our incorrect delivery or delay.


All samples which have been ordered by the buyer will be allocated. The buyer also has the right to send us samples (except food items) back to our stock within 10 days at one's own risk and at one's own costs to get a credit memo, except the goods are damaged. For original print-samples and for food items, we cannot take back the goods. They have to be payed. Not prepaid deliveries will not be accepted by us.


Imprint or embroidery documents:

If we have an absence of imprint documents and we don't receive those documents within 30 days after the order date, we could cancel the purchase and we are allowed to bill for 30% of the order net sum for cancelation fee.